with these few words..

hey you, you probably don’t know most of this but I thought I’d share a piece of me with you.. like how I enjoy watching the waves on the ocean, yet I still find its stillness breathtaking.. or how the simplest poetry and random notes of love make my soul tingle with happiness.. I know.. […]

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Dear Diana, you’ve stumbled and fallen along the way.. you didn’t know how to get back up but you mastered the strength to crawl until you finally did.. 25 was anything but easy or beautiful but here you are, blooming once again.. I’m super proud of you.. you may still have dark days and things […]


I hope you love letters..

Image: Pinterest the morning of 14th of March 2016 was a bright and beautiful day.. a few friends had surprised us with an amazing baby shower over the weekend.. quite simply I was in a happy mood despite it being a Monday (I wasn’t a Monday person back then).. “how do you know if your […]

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my resolution

on the last day of 2018 I did what most of us do.. I wrote down my resolutions and aspirations for the coming year.. I needed a constant reminder, and a checklist at that.. among those resolutions there is one that I intend to follow through to the latter.. even if the rest don’t work […]

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fitting the pieces..

my mom tells me that when I was a baby (like a baby baby) I’d sense when thieves were a little far off and start crying.. so I became like their warning siren lol. she also tells me that I would start crying any time that someone who wasn’t “straight/upright” carried me.. etc etc. I’ve […]

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22 minutes to midnight..

It’s exactly 22 minutes to midnight as I begin writing this.. I can hear my little boy snoring in his bed across the room, probably because he has a blocked nose and he decided to sleep on his back.. his dimpled infectious laugh even after I tucked him into his bed comes to mind and […]

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to the old and the new..

and now for the cliché end of year post.. it’s been a really really tough year and I damn near lost my mind.. I’ve had bad years but nothing could top 2018.. it’s my prayer nothing ever does.. ..but I’m grateful I got here ..I’m grateful I see the period at the end of this […]

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my journey..

anhedonia (n): the loss of interest and enjoyment in all activities that you once liked; the feeling of not caring any more I’ve been struggling for the last few months.. like really struggling.. in my faith, mentally, physically and emotionally. only place I feel I’ve improved is parenting though I didn’t really feel that way […]

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I’m fine

image: Google images it’s the quiet tears in the middle of the night when you’re supposed to be in dreamland.. it’s the sudden change in mood..the sudden anger that you don’t understand..the melancholic feeling that just won’t go away.. it’s screaming and crying on the inside for someone to see you or hear you but […]

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